Baglama Kaufen - Worauf achten? Du möchtest eine Baglama bzw. Saz kaufen? Dann solltest Du vor dem Kauf einige Punkte beachten.

Buying a Baglama or Saz - what to look out for?

Buy Baglama - what to look out for? Would you like to buy a baglama or saz? Then you should consider a few points before you buy.

Here is a guide to help you find the best Baglama for you:

  1. Size: There are different sizes of baglamas. That's why it's important to choose a body size that you can play comfortably with. Size affects both the sound and playability of the saz. A short-necked Baglama with a body length of 39 - 42 cm are recommended for beginners because they are easy to hold.

  1. Material: Typically, baglamas are made of wood just like all other stringed instruments. The type of wood used to build the saz can affect the sound of the saz, but it can be said that above it is the baglama maker's skill that plays the primary role in building a good baglama, not the type of wood.

  1. Price: There are Baglamas in different price categories. The more expensive a baglama is, the more work is involved in it. The materials used are also of higher quality.

  1. Playability: The playability of a Baglama is very important. For example, the strings should not be too far from the neck. In short: the string action must be good. The rounding of the neck also plays an important role, because after all the baglama's neck has to fit well in the left hand.

  1. Sound: The sound of the baglama also plays an important role. It has to be nicely balanced.

If you pay attention to these points, you will find the perfect Baglama for you.

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