3 Saz Schüler der Musikschule Hückelhoven sitzen auf dem Boden mit ihren Baglamas in der Hand

Is it difficult to play saz or baglama?

The saz is undoubtedly the most popular instrument in many cultures. At weddings, in music cafés or at private parties, the sound of the Baglama creates a really good atmosphere.

Many famous folk poets are known only with the Baglama in hand. Think, for example, of Âşık Veysel or Neşet Ertaş. In Turkey or Syria, for example, the acoustic and electric Baglama (Turkish electro) is even widespread in pop music.

So it is obvious that one or the other would like to learn Saz themselves and as quickly as possible. Many then rightly ask: Is it difficult to learn to play the saz? How long does it take to learn Saz? In this article we clarify.

What does it even mean to be able to play saz?

First of all, it must be clarified what is meant by "being able to play saz". Does that mean playing simple melodies or playing the saz like a virtuoso?

If you only want to play simple melodies, it is very easy to get there quickly. If, on the other hand, virtuoso skills are sought, the path will of course be more difficult to follow.

There are also numerous intermediate stages between simple and virtuoso playing. The more you practice on the instrument, the faster you reach the next level.

What are the difficulties in playing the saz?

A (still) strange feeling: Holding the Saz between your hands for the first time. Finding the right sitting position to bring the left hand to the neck of the Baglama, place the right forearm in the middle of the body and hold the plectrum (Turkish: mizrap) between the index finger and thumb.

The theoretical function of the hands is still clear to most people. Rather not how it should work in practice.

In this case, a professional Saz teacher will be able to help. The music school Hückelhoven is now probably the most renowned music school when it comes to saz lessons. Because there are at least three good reasons for attending a music school:

Reason 1: Since the saz teacher constantly checks and corrects the students, there is less risk of acquiring wrong playing techniques.

Reason 2: Since the classes take place weekly, one is more inclined to practice regularly.

Reason 3: You meet people who share the same passion. The Saz .

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