Unterschied Saz Baglama

Saz or Baglama? Here's the answer!

Many often ask us what this musical instrument is called. Because some call it "Saz", while others call it "Bağlama". Are there significant differences or do both words refer to one and the same instrument? In this article we clarify. 

First of all, let's take a look at what both terms are used for in their respective origins:

The word "saz" has its origins in Persian and means "musical instrument". All imaginable musical instruments are meant. "Bağlama" on the other hand is a Turkish word. It is a derivative of the word "bağlamak" and is used specifically for this musical instrument only.

In summary: " Saz" means musical instrument. "Bağlama" is the specific designation. It doesn't matter whether the instrument has a long neck (usually 23 frets) or a short neck (usually 19 frets).

end of the riddle?

So are we at the end of the puzzle? Well, it's not that simple. Because the Persian word "Saz" is often used in Turkish vernacular as a synonym for the "Bağlama" . The clear demarcation of both words, "Saz" for musical instrument and "Bağlama" as a specific term, is usually only used among musicians.


What now? Saz or Baglama?

As already mentioned, both words denote the same musical instrument in Turkish vernacular. That's why we like to use the word "saz" in everyday life, because it's easier and faster to pronounce due to the monosyllable.

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